The duration of surgery with minimally invasive microsurgical technique (permitted use of the operating microscope), under local anesthesia, is on average about 20 minutes. The tip of a finger has the size of the surgical wound.

The main stages of the surgery after the incision of the skin are: 
- Dissection of the subcutaneous tissue;
- Section of the ligaments sacrococcigei rear opening of the sacral canal;
- Identification of the filum terminale that is coagulated and dissected.

The Italian Association of Chiari Child Malformation (AIMA-Child) has been a guest in our operating rooms and has filmed the minimally invasive surgical intervention that we perform. AIMA-Child, whose president Mrs. Pantalone Ielmini Simona, is the Italian association of patients affected by Chiari Malformation and related diseases, for some time now the association is no longer just a reference of pediatric patients but also of adult patients who discover the pathology. The association is non-profit, committed and committed itself to be a virtual container for patients, within which it is possible to promote and create a link between patients in order to share and deepen all the problems related to the pathology. The link to see the various surgical video is:

NOTICE: Images related to surgical interventions. We do not recommend viewing these videos to people who are particularly sensitive or impressionable.


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