HONcode certification

website www.vanniveronesi.com has obtained the prestigious HONcode Certification

HONcode Certification is now recognized as the most important guarantee of quality and reliability for health information on the Internet.

It is attributed, worldwide, by the Health On the Net Foundation, a non-profit organization, non-governmental, accredited to the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

The Health On the Net Foundation is responsible for promoting reliable health information on the Internet, as well as their appropriate use. It develops ethical standards to protect users and issues HONcode, the code of ethics for the preparation and updating of websites dedicated to health.

HONcode is a project of the University of Geneva that, after a careful investigation, "certifies" the medical information sites that meet certain requirements.

The Health On the Net Foundation has elaborated 8 fundamental principles that a medical website must respect in order to be considered ethically correct, guidelines that have the purpose of guaranteeing to the user of such sites a certain level of reliability and impartiality of the published information; furthermore, they aim to ensure that the availability of such information online does not harm the normal functioning of public health (for example, that such information is not used by non-medical users for self-diagnosis or self-care).

Based on these guidelines, the Health On the Net organization assesses and certified the sites that decide to join.

In compliance with the HONcode guidelines, as proof of the authoritativeness of the contents on this website and of an ethically correct editorial policy, www.vanniveronesi.com is honored with this important international recognition.