The activities of the surgical section of the filum terminale under local anesthesia is started by in 2010.

2014 was adopted on diagnostic-therapeutic protocol which, for the diagnostic part, involves the use of MRI in the prone position for the diagnosis of "occult tethered cord" as reported by Japanese colleagues at the University of Hiroshima published in a scientific paper in 2013.

Patients operated from 2014, according to the above protocol, come from all parts of Italy. In 2015, was operated the first foreign patient who came to Italy specifically to be subjected to surgery section of the filum terminale under local anesthesia.

On that occasion it was released journalistic interview with its publication in the newspaper "Il Resto del Carlino" on November 1, 2015 (the attachment for the article in the newspaper).

Currently, in addition to foreign patients residing in Europe, patients from America have been subjected to surgical intervention with the minimally invasive technique of extradural section of the filum terminale, for more details CLICK HERE to visit the web page "EXTRAORDINARY SURGERY "within this site.

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